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Census Collaboration

The Fresno County Complete Count Committee believes that achieving a complete and accurate count of all Central Valley residents in the 2020 Census is essential to the wellbeing of our communities. To accomplish this, we all need to participate, collaborate and coordinate efforts. Join us!

Get in touch today and join us to achieve a complete and accurate count!

The 2020 Census is important to all of us. We all have much to win ... or lose.

The principal focus of our efforts in the 2020 Census is in increasing the participation of hard to count populations that have been historically undercounted, thereby reducing the federal funds that come to their communities.

If our local count is accurate, our region and communities will have much to win. If there is an undercount, we will lose valuable information about our population, receive inadequate federal funds and see our democracy impacted by unequal representation

An Accurate Population Count

The Constitution mandates that the decennial census must count all residents living in the United States.

Fair Redistricting and Political Representation

Our democracy is based on equal political representation. Census data is utilized to update electoral districts.

Fair Federal Funding

Federal funding for educational, health, infrastructure and other programs is determined by census data.

2020 Census: Informational Events, Questionnaire Assistance Centers, Questionnaire Assistance Kiosks in the Central Valley


Our Target: Hard to Count Populations

All Californians must be counted in the 2020 Census. The State of California and non-profit organizations have identified several population groups that tend to be undercounted in enumeration efforts due to a variety of reasons. Our intention is to pay particular attention to them and ensure they are being included.


Children 0-5

Homeless & Low Visibility Housing

Low Income

Non-Fluent English Speakers



Young and Mobile

Racial Minorities

California Hard To Count Index Interactive Map

Our Leadership

The Fresno County Complete Count Committee is led by 5 elected co-chairs. Its structure includes sub-committees.

Jim Grant

Faith Sub-Committee

Why Is Participation in the 2020 Census Important?

There’s huge stakes for the 2020 census for California. The population count determines federal funding formulas for the following 10 years, for areas of funding like critical infrastructure, healthcare, education, affordable housing, and more.
Every person in Fresno County counts and deserves to be counted. We are working to decrease the barriers to participation and ensure that our local communities receive the federal funding and political representation they deserve.
Kaya Herron, Co-Chair
Kaya Herron
Fresno County Complete Count Committee Co-Chair